Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Mo Willems' Pigeon quilt

Hawthorne Threads
I bought a meter of each of these fabrics in June some time from Hawthorne Threads/ Cloud 9 Fabrics, and made myself a skirt to wear to school.
I need to take in the side seams before I wear it again.

Now that I had my Jewel quilt off the frame I was ready to start on the Pigeon quilt to get it ready for school. I like to hang quilts in my Library to show the kids and the teachers my "hobby".

I thought I'd look on the net to see if there was a pigeon quilt block and lo and behold there is a block called Pigeon Toes.
Since I was experimenting with paper piecing I tried the pattern from Quilterscache. My printer didn't print to the right scale so I went with it and trimmed it afterwards.

I recently used some coupons from Scholastic to purchase a light table in case I went back in the classroom, or to use with students in the Library, but also to use with my quilting. I use it to trace patterns and I used it this time to do my paper piecing for this project. Boy did it make it easier than looking up at the window each time.
It is nice and thin and sits beside the sewing machine.

It helps see that the seams are pressed in opposite directions too!

One finished block 3 to go!?

Next, plan the rest of the quilt.

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