Sunday, 21 July 2013

63 Stars at the Quilting Gallery

Hi - I thought I'd just let you know that I entered my quilt, 63 Stars in the weekly Quilting Gallery's Show and tell.

If you follow the link then click on "The Blog" in the heading, it will take you to Michelle's blog. Then scroll down until you see "VoteNow: Scrappy Quilts" and click on this heading, it will take you to where you can vote.  You have until Monday to vote. Sorry but this week the prizes are just for the quilters. :(
Well I was third after the votes were cast, then the judge awarded points and I think I ended up 5th. Oh well there's always next time.  :)
Next week's theme is quilts for little ones, why don't you enter your quilt? I'm not sure what the prizes are next week.

The NYC Mod Quilt Guild is presenting a Double Wedding Ring quilt challenge. The prizes look amazing! If you go to their website soon and go to the blogs on the list you can enter to win a wedding template set from EZ Template by Darlene Zimmerman (start at the end and work back for a chance to win). If you remember the Dresden Quilt challenge from last year, the prizes are just as great as that contest. It is open to international participants. Why not give it a go? You can make a small, traditional or modern quilt. Or you could do one of each!

I visited a lot of the blogs and I was very excited to find out yesterday that I won a set of rulers from Elisa Albury's blog, 

So I'm off to plan what to make, modern or traditional? And what fabrics should I use?


  1. thats the one I will be voting for xx

  2. That is gorgeous! well done Barb, looks fabulous.